Basic information about where I grew up and what records I appear on can be found with a google search. I'll attempt here to share some real information.

I have been a musician all my life. I like to write and record music but I don't really have an affinity for the foreground or a passion for performing. I have searched within and without for an alternative to being a singersongwriter but found none yet so I keep going. I started in orchestras and cover bands and found out about art in my twenties. My body is healthy and I think I like travelling so for now I continue to say yes to tours that are already planned and that I'm asked to join. I'm not sure I could ever headline a tour so I'm sorry if I don't make it to your town. 

I don't have a record label, though I think it would be nice, I have self-released all three of my albums so far. Business does not come naturally to me so, a lot of time tends to pass between them. I have finished a new full-length record but am unsure how to do a good job with its release. So I put together the WORK EP and released that in Fall 2016 to see what happens when you drop music into a vacuum. Now in 2017, I'll focus on releasing the new full-length record.

Thanks for listening to my music.

Jenny O.